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Big Red Barrel Poster

Big Red Barrel

Medicine abuse is a dangerous and growing problem in our communities. In western Washtenaw County, 1 in 10 middle school students has used a prescription painkiller, without a doctor’s prescription (Source: 2010 MiPHY Survey). Many kids assume it is safe to abuse medicine, because it is prescribed by a doctor, or sold in a pharmacy. But when taken in high doses or mixed with other drugs, many medications have serious and life-threatening consequences, including addiction and overdose.

You are the first line of defense against medicine abuse! Most kids who abuse medicine say they get it from friends or family medicine cabinets. Do you have unused medications lying around at home? Do not flush any medicines! Dispose of your unused medications safely, without impacting our drinking water, with the Big Red Barrel project. This medicine take-back program allows anyone to safely dispose of unused medications, no questions asked. Just take your unwanted medications to the Dexter or Scio Township Police Substations and drop them in the barrel. For the safety of those who empty the barrel we cannot accept liquids and sharps.


Changing the Environment

Compliance Checks

SRSLY supports the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s Department and Karen Bergebower & Associates in their routine compliance checks of alcohol restaurants and retailers. These routine checks reduce the sale of alcohol to minors and prioritize the practice of safe and legal sales among restaurants and retailers.


SRSLY supports several policies here in Dexter, including the state laws against adults providing alcohol to minors, or allowing minors to consume alcohol on their property. We engage in policy work as the need and opportunities arise. When we are actively working on a policy, it will be listed here.